Past, Present, Future



A singer song writer crafting songs based on a lifetime of personal experiences. A bigger than life past, filled with a passion for living. An ongoing journey well worn and appreciated. A life from Motorcycles to love, to joy and sorrow. An existence surrounded by the sound of music, poetry and many of life’s blessings. 

My songs;  A musical entity based on improvisational guitar used as an emotional sword cutting its way through a verse based on my life experiences.  Razing my soul to many different levels of spiritual existence in 4/4 time.
I enjoy the challenge of writing a verse and putting music to it.  It’s a lot of hard work to find a direction and meaning to a song.  It to me has to be real, taken from personal experience or a thought expanded through or musical interpretation but real to me.
My main instrument is the guitar.  I decided if I was going to fade away I would do it as an artist with a guitar in my hands.  I happen to think the guitar is the most personal instrument ever created.  It’s like picking up an emotional sword and cutting away all the bullshit in life.  Playing guitar and singing just happens to pour out of me.  I then take that experience and try to make a song out of the emotion. 

Creating thoughts in this manner has taken my soul to many different levels of existence.  I am very great full for all the personal benefits that music and art has brought to my life. 

I take on many roles in this process including musician, live and studio, studio owner, composer, lyricist, vocalist, programmer, engineer, mastering mixer, producer for music and videos.  This is a multi layered endeavor and business,  but I’ve been in this process on and off for over fifty years.  To have this opportunity to express myself is great, and beyond belief sometimes.

 I’ve been influenced by many styles of music and many musicians in my lifetime. From Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Blues, Jazz, classical, etc.  It’s been a great privilege to have had the experience of so many forms of musical expression both live and recorded.   Along the way it brought an understanding to  what I do when playing and composing music.  I don’t know what to say other than I think I have my own style when it comes to expressing myself when performing and composing of what I call my music. See and hear more for free at  and on most music web sites around the world.